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5 Real Non-Traditional Vows You’ll Love To Take On Your Wedding!

5 Real Non-Traditional Vows You’ll Love To Take On Your Wedding!


Taking Vows

The Groom promises to which the bride complies. As per Hindu religion or beliefs, the seven vows of marriage mark the togetherness of both the souls for seven births. During the wedding ceremony, both groom and the bride are asked to revolve around the sacred fire seven times uttering the seven vows. The vows have its own significant importance which comprises of promising words to provide happiness, welfare, courage, growth of each other and the family.


Saat Phere-Hindu Tradition

With due respect to these traditional vows, I think few vows can also be added which will help to strengthen the bond in a true sense. Check them out:

  • Respect each other: Life is a journey full of ups and downs. It becomes important that one should understand and learn about each other every passing day. Motivate and grow together adding value to each other’s life.

    Add value to each other’s life.

  • Trust and Believe: Trust is the foundation of a happy relationship. Believe in each other’s words and you guys are all set to rock!

    Trust each other.

  • Forgiveness is the power: We all do mistakes and it’s easy to point out other’s mistakes and keep grudges. Remember, forgiveness is the best form of love. To have a beautiful life you need to be humble, kind, ready to sacrifice and forgive.

    Forgiveness is the power.

  • Ready to listen: Listen to each other properly. Be a friend and a companion rather than a husband/wife. Stand, support, lift and understand each other in every circumstance of life.

    Listen to each other

  • Don’t give up: Whatever be the situation, try to get hold of the situation. A beautiful marriage is when two imperfect people refuse to give up on each other.

    Refuse to give up!

    There is nothing wrong in those traditional vows. But if you and your groom want to personalize your ceremony then make your own funny and unique vows. Happy Wedding!

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