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Home-decor ideas for monsoon!

Follow these 6 K’s, new ideas for home decor this monsoon.

Follow these 6 K’s this monsoon to revamp your house.

Home-decor ideas for monsoon!

Home decor ideas for monsoon!

Like your wardrobe, even your home is ready to get gorgeous with the change in season. As the monsoon arrives, your house needs renovation. With a little addition of bright colors and fragrance, you are all set to cheer your mood in that gloomy weather. Use these home decor ideas this monsoon.

  • Keep it Clean: Pack your precious mats and use inexpensive ones for the season. One can go for jute or funky recycled rubber mats at the entrance which is better at soaking the rain water. This will help your guests wiping their boots keeping the muck at bay.
  • Keep it fresh: As the monsoon arrives, the surrounding becomes damp with no or less sunlight. Make your rooms bright by adding colors to it. Use your tall vases and decorate with lilies, roses, lovely sunflowers or tulips. If you don’t have vases, urulis can also help as a wonderful décor. Drop some fresh jasmine or hibiscus and let them float in the water. This will not only add color but also freshen and enliven your living space.


  • Keep it translucent: Change your heavy drapes to translucent ones. The heavy ones tend to get damp and leave a musty feeling to the entire room. Using colorful, translucent and lacy curtains will help enter the minimum light and the soothing breeze to the room.
  • Keep it colorful: It would be painful to change the color of your walls. Instead, why not use those bright colored bed linens and pillow covers? Green, Yellow and Orange are the preferred colors. Minimize the use of pastel or lighter shades this monsoon.
  • Keep it fragrant: Cheer your mood and get rid off the smell of moisture and closed rooms with scented oils and candles. One can pick citrus/lavender/lemongrass flavor to freshen your home.
  • Keep it dry: Place a raincoat and an umbrella stand near the entrance so as to avoid the water trail to enter your house.

Do you have any other ideas for monsoon décor this time? Let us know how you are going to revamp your house this monsoon season.

Enjoy the rains! Happy Monsoon.

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