‘5 food items you should avoid eating during summer season’


‘5 food items you should avoid eating during summer season’

Food items
Consume healthy food this summer!
It’s June already and summer is turning out to be as hot as ever. It’s already hot outside and eating food items which can further produce heat inside our body can be harmful to our health. So here is the list of 5 food items that are better to be avoided during this hot summer.
  • Consuming Dry Fruits: Dry fruits like walnuts, almonds, and Pistachios are very nutritious and beneficial for health but during summers if consumed they produce a large amount of heat inside our body. So it is advised to take very less or no amount of dry fruits during summer.
don't take dry fruits in summers
dry fruits
  • Use spices wisely: Spices like chili, ginger, black pepper, cumin seeds, and cinnamon have a thermogenic effect on our body and heavy consumption of these spices during summer may produce heat in our body. So the very little amount of these spices is recommended during summers. Spicy food upset tummy in the summer season.
Spicy food
Indian spices
  •  Go slow on Deep-fried items: Roasted and tandoori food items like tandoori chicken, paneer tikka, aloo chat, etc. should be avoided during summers as they may cause gastric problems and body heat.
unhealthy food
roasted meat
  •  Binge on Mangoes, but with care:  Now you will say what kind of summer it will be if we avoid eating our favorite fruit mango? But maybe you don’t know that eating too many mangoes can develop heat pimples in children and teenagers. So eat mangoes in a limit.
summer fruit
  • Think before you grab caffeine: Coffee is the most popular beverage among everyone but it should be avoided during summers. It does not matter whether it is served cold or hot, it affects our health in any way you consume it. It may cause nose bleeding irregular menstrual cycle in girls.
food items
So avoid these food items and stay fit during these hot summers.


  1. One of the good aspects of this article is that, its stating to have less mangoes in summer, where people just indulge themselves wholly into the Mangoes during summer. So a nice way to prevent those bad effects, thank you for sharing this Aakanksha.. 🙂


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