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Let Your Coffee Kick in Before Reality Does- Classic Coffee, The Trendsetter!

         Classic Coffee, The Trendsetter


Coffee Break!

Take a coffee break, you deserve it! One must have heard this saying whenever at work, after a busy day or recovering from tough times and what not! Some say the drink is their best office partner, some say coffee and friends make the perfect blend and for few of us coffee isn’t just a drink. It’s a cup of sanity.

One of the classy-Gourmet Coffee brands which we had introduced a few months back was “Classic Coffee”.  The company claims to produce the best flavors of both Robusta and Arabica and has also won the most prestigious awards for their Arabica blends. Classic Coffee gave a new dimension of relishing a cup of coffee. It was until then pairing a cup of coffee with food has never been given a thought in India.


Blaze, Matinee, Sundowner, and Afterhours

Tapaswini Prunesh, being the 5th generation planter handles the retail part of the business and also an active member of India’s first and only coffee festival, Coffee Santhe which is an annual event in Bangalore. Classic Coffee has an interesting history and their estates are spread widely in the Chikmangalur (Kalladevarapura Estate) and Manjarbad region (Harley estate). To know about them and their brands of coffee with the methods of preparation, you can click here.

Recently, they have come up with their unique blends of this elixir, coffee that has been perfectly designed for every hour of the day- be it morning, afternoon, evening or at night. These four new blends of coffee will make you feel fresh and will enlighten your mood with their freshness. Then why not look at each of their specialty?


Coffee, anytime!

To turn your lazy mornings into kickass ones, grab a cup of Blaze. It comes with a nutty smell and has a pleasant bitter taste. It is heavy in its character which tasted great with its pairing with a Banana Walnut cake.  So let your coffee kick in before reality does!

Before you get back to your desk, don’t you like to have something light to drink to keep yourself up and fresh after a heavy lunch? Get back your energy with a cup of Matinee. The spicy and citric flavor of this blend refreshes your mood and helps you get back to your desk. I bet you won’t find drowsy anymore! It has a light body and tasted great when paired with chocolate. Try this, who knows this becomes your afternoon favorite?


4 Different blends.

What’s your evening coffee time, 4 O’clock or 5 O’clock? Doesn’t matter, when you gather with your friends or colleagues for a cup of coffee in the evenings, you need something mild and tasty. With hints of milk, chocolate in taste, Sundowner can be the perfect pick of drink. A sip of Sundowner with a bite of apple or pear tastes heavenly. Try it and you will know it!

Prepared with the AA (larger than normal bean size) Arabica beans, the Afterhours is a night blend designed specifically to skim off your tiredness from the body. It is warm, having a smooth structure with citric flavor. You can also have this cup of coffee while working through the night. It is best paired with cheesecake.

Classic Coffees are available in ground and roast and bean forms and can be bought from its online store as well as from leading gourmet stores & premium retail outlets such as Godrej Natures Basket, Westside Gourmet, Namdhari, Nilgiri. They are also available in various e-commerce portals such as Amazon, Wind my wings and Place of origin.

Classic Coffee is a trendsetter which is changing the take on having a cup of coffee. Now you don’t need a specific time of the day to grab your cup of coffee. You can sip and relish your coffee anytime just don’t forget to pair it up!


Pair your coffee with the best eateries!




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