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Father's Day

5 Things you would like to do with your dad this Father’s Day!


Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father’s Day!


Father’s day is just around the corner. It’s on Sunday, 18 June this year and you must be geared up gathering ideas to make this day a very special and memorable one. But, I must tell you rather than those expensive gifts, what your dad must need is time, relaxation, freedom from the daily mundane work and a bit of appreciation. So no more colorful ties and socks this father’s day, let’s celebrate this day in their way:


  • Wipe out the pressure: Dad always seems to be busy completing their office work or fixing something or the other. They want to be free from the pressure, the deadlines, the mundane activities, the weariness, the rush- they want to slow down at least for a day. This Father’s Day, give him a day of relaxation, help him to calm down and annihilate the pressure from his mind.



  • Spend some quality time: Since we all will be busy in our schedules, spending some quality time with each other is all that we want. Take a day out- go for a walk, a family picnic, share stories and memories. Talk about those random memories that make him smile.
    Spend some quality time with your father.

    Spend some quality time with your father.


  • Enjoy your father’s hobby: Your dad must have taken care of every minute details from the day you were born. Now it’s time for us to take care of him, to take care of his special interests. Father’s Day can be a perfect day to appreciate and celebrate their hobbies and show them you want to know more about them. Make them remember their own likes, dreams, desires which they eventually forgot in our upbringing. Indulge in those activities with him that make him feel happy to be alive.
    Father's hobbies

    Father’s hobbies


  • Relive the memories: Cherish your childhood memories with him by organizing old photos. It will take both of you to trip down memory lane. Provide appropriate captions to the photos to make it more interesting.
    Relieve those memories.

    Relieve those memories.


  • Show gratitude: Fathers want to be appreciated. Show them how you feel about them by writing or making a short video. You don’t need to buy expensive gifts for your dad. Love is all they need from his children as a father is one of God’s first gifts to our hearts and his love stays with us always.
    Show your dad how much you love them.

    Show your dad how much you love them.


I’m sure you still love your father no matter how busy you are growing up. This Father’s Day let’s show him he is still the one you look up to no matter how tall you grow.

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