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5 Food Items Spicy Food Lovers Can’t Miss!

Spicy Food One Should Try At least Once!

You think you are a spicy food lover? Then if you haven’t tried these dishes, you can’t call yourself a true spicy food lover. I bet that regardless of how many dishes you have tried in past, these dishes will leave you with burning tongue, red lips and even redder eyes. Let’s see how many of you have your tongues made up of steel to tolerate the hotness of these dishes.
  •  Phaal Curry: Ever heard the name of this chilly – Bhut Jolokia? It is termed as the hottest chili in the world. And when this spice is used to make your hot dish ‘phaal curry’ even daredevil’s can’t stop themselves from galloping liters of water. After all the world’s hottest curry is at your service, sir.
spicy food

Phaal curry

  •  Misal: This popular roadside lip – smacking dish is prepared from your lovely hot green chilies, sexy dry red chilies and forever black pepper powder. Its heat level depends on your capacity to consume its spicy flavor. If you are not really good with spicy food then please take a fire extinguisher with you!
spicy food

Misal, Source: Monsoon Spice

  •  Stuffed pepper: This sweet and innocent food item can make you writhe on the floor if some hot spices along with equally spicy chilies are mixed to please your taste buds. I bet you won’t be able to finish one chilly and you will be screaming for water. Not all stuffed food items are sweet some can be evil too!
spicy food

Stuffed chili

  •  Kozhi Curry: If you ever had a chance to visit Kerala and you are really good in consuming a good amount of hot spices then you must know how this spiciest curry of India tastes like. Spicy curry with chicken is an integral part of food there. Thinking of shifting to Kerala?
spicy food

kozhi curry, Source: Yummyoyummy

  •  Madras Curry: Where can spicy food lovers find pure bliss? Obviously in a bowl filled with Madras curry where meatballs will be teasing you have your fill as soon as possible. If you feel embarrassed by a running nose and watery eyes in public then have it in your room. Don’t worry there will be lots of napkins and towels to ease your pain.
spicy food

Madras curry

                             So, take up the challenge and live life with a little spice!

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