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Explore 10 Indian Ornaments Which Are Healthy For Your Body: Check Out Why!

Explore 10 Indian Ornaments Which Are Healthy For Your Body: Check Out Why!

Indian ornaments have an assortment of design and style and can be worn for looks, prosperity, and status as well as for good health. Have you at any point thought why do we wear such ornaments?

Indian Ornaments

Indian Ornaments

Therefore, let’s take a sneak peek to some important significance of these excellent adornments and their connection with our health

Ear Rings: Earrings have some extraordinary forms, like tops, jhumke, Bali, and latkan.

Indian Earrings- Helps the nerve

There is a nerve which goes through ear node and interfaces three primary parts of our body mainly, kidney, brain and cervix.

Nose Ring: Nose ring is also known as the nath or nathni in India. The nose ring keeps the breathing procedure regular and comfortable.

Nose rings helps in breathing!

Nose rings help in breathing!

Marathi women are often spotted with these nose rings.

Ring: Ring is the most widely recognized adornment which is worn in fingers by both man and woman.

Rings helps to connect the brain

This metal appears to be useful because the ring finger contains a nerve which is directly associated with the heart through the brain.

Maang Tika: Maang Tika adds an ethnic touch to any Indian customs and culture. The Maang Tika worn on the head is helpful in maintaining the heat of their body.

Maang tika maintains body heat

Maang Tika maintains body heat

Anklets: Anklets or Payal are made of silver, a great conductor of energy and work as a mediator between the Earth and human body energy.

Anklets puts away the negative energy

It also makes a lady more energetic by sending the negative energies back to the earth.

Kardhani: This waist adornment Kardhani or Kamarband usually helps to maintain the excess belly fat from all sides when worn around the waist.

Women wearing Kar Dhani or kamarband

Necklace: Since the necklace makes a lady more delightful and gorgeous and remains over the heart when it is worn, the metal regulates the blood course in the body.

Necklace regulates blood flow!

Necklace regulates blood flow!

Bangles: Bangle, a circular carved ornament expands the blood flow in our body through a pulse-reading nerve which avoids to release out the charges from our body.

Bangles maintain the wrist nerve

Bangles maintain the wrist nerve

Armlet: An Indian woman loves to wear armband as an adornment around the biceps and this helps in blood dissemination in their arms.

Women wearing armlet!

Toe Ring: Bichiya or Toe ring is the conventional jewellery accessory in India which is very helpful for any lady, as the metal makes her menstrual cycle consistent and helps to conceive properly.

Toe rings help to conceive

Toe rings help to conceive


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