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Importance of a Healthy Pregnancy

Healthy pregnancy:Eat right and Exercise

Healthy pregnancy:Eat right and Exercise

Are you pregnant? Wow!! Isn’t it more than a wonderful reason for you to maintain a healthy body? You are soon going to bring a new life to this world. Don’t you want to remain strong and energetic throughout your pregnancy? I am sure; the answer will be a big “YES”. Motherhood comes with a lot of happiness and a lot of stress and exhaustion too. You have to be ready for that. If you already have lost a healthy body during your pregnancy rather than building it up, you surely will be in for a bumpy ride. Oh no!! My idea is not to scare you. Rather, I just thought of sharing some tips on how a mommy to be can conveniently have a Healthy Pregnancy.

Eating healthy – A blessing

Aversions, cravings are a part and parcel of the wonderful phase called pregnancy. It is alright if you want to eat what you crave for, be it the delicious pani puri or a tempting icecream. All you need is awareness of what you eat as it is required in abundance during this phase of your life. I agree, taste does matter a lot at this time but nutrition matters more. Eat nutritious food rather than adding unhealthy food in your body and gaining more weight than what is essential.

A golden rule to have a healthy pregnancy is to eat as healthy and nutritious as possible. You might want to avoid:

  • Excessive intake of oily or fried foods
  • Over indulgence in sweet foods

Both, you and your baby need a balanced diet from the first day of the conception. Everyday your meal plan should have all the necessary nutrients. Just ensure that whatever you eat throughout the day, you are able to get the required calcium, protein, folic acid, iron, potassium, vitamins&minerals.

Little work out- Healthy results

Energy, energy and energy, you need loads of it to cater to the tantrums pregnancy throws at you. Just move it mommy. Unless there is a medical condition that wants complete bed rest or escaping exercising, there is no reason for you to slow down. Consult your gynecologist before you pick up a workout routine for yourself. Once you get the heads up, you can pick your favorite out of the following:

Exercising during pregnancy is as important as it is to eat healthy. What you really need is to be determined to stay healthy during your prenatal period. Taking out few minutes for exercise can help you avoid the not so great, backache. The idea is not to lose or gain weight but to have a healthier pregnancy with the help of some workout. You can get rid of those sleepless nights, swelling in your ankles, constipation when you have a healthier lifestyle during the gestation period.

I wish you all, mothers to be, a hale and hearty pregnancy.








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  • Ankita Datta
    May 16, 2017

    Wonderful article..this can be very much helpful for all the moms out there!! 🙂

  • Geeta Yadav
    May 17, 2017

    Very well written and useful article

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