5 Bizarre & Exceptional Punjabi Dishes You’ve Never Heard Of- Just Indulge Into It!


5 Bizarre & Exceptional Punjabi Dishes You’ve Never Heard Of- Just Indulge Into It!

Say the word Punjabi and your mind will flash through the green fields, delightful homesteads or farms and obviously the extremely happy and warm individuals of Punjab.


Punjabi culture is one of the oldest in world history

Be that as it may, but who can overlook the culinary treasures of Punjab? Punjab’s cuisine is a lot like its people -warm, rich, robust and brimming with life.

punjab delicacies

The varied culinary treasures of Punjab

Whether you a hardcore meat lover or the evergreen veggie lover, Punjab have a possibility of dishes for you. A standout amongst the most well-known ways of consuming Punjabi food is the roadside Dhabas that are found along the highways of Punjab.

punjabi dhaba

A hustling Punjabi Dhaba

There’s a reason behind why they are so popular and for those who have already tried those dishes there, you probably know what truly I am talking about.

Hence, let’s take a sneak peek to some of the unusual dishes in the Punjabi cuisines-

  • Gajjaraan Da Murabba

Murabba is the Punjabi term for denoting sweet and natural fruit preserves. In many places in India, it is customarily prepared with Amla yet the one which is made with carrots will truly tickle your taste buds!

carrot murabba

Gajjar Murabba

This dynamic dish is prepared with delicately spiced carrots with simply keeping in mind the correct balance of sugar and tart in the dish. The carrots that are used are delicate, however, if you use seasonal carrots, then it will remain crispy while you have it.

  • Mutton/Lamb Champ Taka-Tak

Without a doubt, it is one of the best mutton dishes one can ever have. Lamb champ is the star street food in and around Punjab.

mutton champ

Mutton/Lamb champ

Unlike its unusual name, the dish contains thin and delicate mutton cutlets which are made with coarsely minced mutton, blending with coriander and spiked garam masala and are fried deeply till the skin turns brown and crispy. The smoky warmth flavours of the dish go admirably well with the strong flavour of the meat.

  • Lahorey Charga

The word ‘Charga’ in pashtooni language implies chicken. This special dish is related to the undivided Punjab. Prepared by marinating the chicken with different spices and flavors, steaming followed by pan fried deeply.


Crispy lahorey chargah

Brilliant, delicious and crispy, this fried Charga or chicken justifies its name. In fact, this dish was known to be a prized dish for the local wrestlers in ancient days and winners from the town wrestling groups were rewarded with the Charga Kukkad as a special dinner for their victory.

  • Makkhan Wala Kukkad

You’ll generally be unsatisfied with any other sorts of butter chicken subsequently after tasting this amazing dish. It is cooked in tandoor style, also is blended in butter with tangy tomato lumps adding a little tickle of flavors and spices.

makkhan wala kukkad

Makkhan wala Kukkad

This is the original form of Butter chicken, the ultimate North Indian dish, which has changed drastically over the years.

  • Ganne Wale Chawal

Specially prepared on the auspicious day of Lohri, this sweet dish is prepared by moderately cooking the rice with raw sugar cane juice, seasoned with a generous dollop of their desi ghee and completed with a sprinkle of fennel seeds along with some dark cardamom.

ganne wale chawal

Ganne wale chawal

Sticky and proudly sweet, you will definitely crave for more! Won’t you?

The ultimate cross-border influence in the Punjabi cuisine

The Punjabi menus are a surprising reflection of the cross-border influence that comes from both the Punjab and Pakistan. However, a common theme will always run through the dishes, bringing back your soul into the regional Indian cuisine.




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