Want To Taste The Authentic Punjabi Dishes? Explore The Best Places!


Want To Taste The Authentic Punjabi Dishes? Explore The Best Places!

Punjabi dishes have won hearts all over the country as well as the globe. If you ever happen to visit Punjab, then check out some of the quintessential dishes from the land of bhangra and Daler Mehndi and the best places to explore such dishes-

Punjabi dishes
An assortment of the ultimate Punjabi dishes
  • Sarson da Saag and Makki di Roti –

This delightful dish is eaten during the winter time. Sarson ka saag comprises of mustard leaves and is normally eaten with Makki ki roti or cornmeal roti. As a matter of fact, it is Priyanka Chopra’s most favorite dish.

Sarson da saag
Sarson da saag along with Makki di roti

Where will you get them?

  • Jalandhar: You can visit the Haveli restaurant in Jalandhar which provides the best of this dish.
  • Ludhiana: In Ludhiana, indulge into this dish at Bansi Vaishno Dhaba.
  • Panchkula: In Panchkula try the dish Sarson ka saag at the Special Amritsari Kulcha Dhaba, a very renowned place.

  • Zirakpur: You can also get the best of Makki ki roti in the Lucky Dhaba and Sethi Dhaba in Zirakpur. Bharawan da Dhaba also deserves a special mention.

  • The Famous Butter Chicken –

This acclaimed dish is presently served and eaten all over the world. Celebs from all over the world crave about this dish including Brad Pitt, Anushka Sharma, and Kelly Rowland as well.

Butter chicken punjab
The delicious Butter Chicken

Where will you get them?

  • Jalandhar: This dish is best served in Moti Mahal which has opened its eatery in Jalandhar, whose main branch is in Daryaganj, Delhi.
  • Ludhiana: In Ludhiana head towards Baba’s Kitchen and Sonu’s Kitchen, they too serve delicious Butter chicken at a moderate price.

  • Amritsar: In Amritsar, one can go forward to Makhan Fish Dhaba, Chicken Corner and Surjit Food Plaza for getting tasty Butter chicken.
  • Karnal: Mayur Dhaba at Karnal is also well known for its Butter Chicken.
  • Chandigarh: In Chandigarh, one can make a beeline for Pal Dhaba and Deluxe Dhaba.
  • Mohali: Chawla’s in Mohali is also a decent choice just like Punjabi Haveli.

  • Lassi

Lassi is usually known to be a coolant and is generally widely consumed all over the nation. However, the ideal way to have Lassi is in earth pots that are always brimming with its smooth and thick cream. In fact, there are some people in Punjab who make it on a substantial scale and utilize washing machines for agitating the lassi.

Lassi punjab
The yummy Punjabi Lassi

Where will you get them?

  • Murthal: If you happen to pass through Murthal, do stop at Sukhdev Dhaba for having Lassi. Mind you, it is served the best there.
  • Amritsar: In Amritsar ensure you try the lassi at Ahuja Milk Bhandar, Gian Chand Lassi Wale and Kundan’s for getting the milkicious Lassi all over.
  • Chandigarh: In Chandigarh try to have the lassi at Kesar da Dhaba. They too deserve a special mention.

  • Baked/Tandoori Chicken

The ultimate fiery red color and the remarkable flavors ensure one crave for more in each of its succulent bites!

Tandoori chicken
The red and fiery Tandoori Chicken

Where will you get them?

  • Amritsar: In Amritsar visit Surjit Chicken House and Beera Chicken House for getting delicious Tandoori chicken.
  • Ludhiana: In Ludhiana, Baba’s Chicken and Aman Chicken serve this rich dish with variant flavors.
  • Mohali: Papaji Dhaba in Mohali always offers the visitors with some lip-smacking Tandoori Chicken.

  • Aloo Parantha

Need I say more? Aloo paratha is always a perennial dish that can be eaten wherever and whenever you want!

Aloo paratha
The exotic Aloo Paratha in Punjabi style

Where will you get them?

  • Ludhiana: Try the paranthas at the Amit Veg Restaurant, Pandit Parantha Wala, Rishi Da Dhaba and at Da Paratha Veg Restaurant.
  • Jalandhar: Fortunately, both Vaishno Dhaba, and Haveli offer great parathas in
  • Amritsar: Kesar da Dhaba and Bharawan da Dhaba in Amritsar offer more than average aloo paranthas.
  • Chandigarh: Chandigarh’s Pal Dhaba, Nukkar Dhaba, and Neelkanth Eating Corner are also great alternatives to relish this dish.


Punjab restaurant
Get exclusive dishes at the top restaurants in Punjab

You can also get other such dishes like Dal Makhani, Palak Paneer, Rajma Chawal, Paneer Mattar, Aloo Gobi, Punajbi Kadhi, Chole, Paneer Makkhani, Kada Prashad at some remarkable eateries like- Kesar da Dhaba in Amritsar, Punjabi Mail in Jalandhar, Sitaram Diwan Chand in Patiala, Zimidara Dhaba in Ludhiana, Anant Ram in Amritsar, and lastly at Sanjha Chulha in Chandigarh.



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