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Hola Mohalla: The Celebration of Bravery



 Remember, the famous Akshay Kumar in the song Tung Tung Baje from Singh is Bling. The song showcased the amazing Sikh festival, Hola Mohalla. It is a fiesta of martial arts, bravery and much more.The great Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind Singh Ji founded the grand festival. It happens to be on the first of the lunar month of Chet. Hola Mohalla started as a day filled with mock battles and poetry contests at the famous Lohagarh Fort. And now, the celebration spreads from the Anandpur Sahib to Kiratpur Sahib and to other Gurdwaras across the globe.

Nihangs enacting bravery

Nihangs enacting bravery


The Grandiose Celebration

Hola Mohalla is celebrated around Holi and it goes on for three days.The festival witnesses a display of various fighting skills of bravery, poetry and music recitations, kirtan and much more at the holy Anandpur Sahib . It is the second important shrine for the Sikhs. The place is flooded with people from all over the country to witness the Khalsayee festival. The roads leading to Anandpur Sahib experience heavy vehicle movements with people filled with zeal, loaded in trucks, tempos, tractors, buses and cars too.


The breathtaking acts

You certainly require a brave heart to watch some of the exceptional happenings here.Bare back horse riding, standing firm on two speeding horses.Wow!! doesn’t it sound to be an impressive sight to be a bystander to. Gatka , tent pegging are also few of the activities taking place during the festival. The Nihangs can be seen dressed in a startling traditional battle gear, huge turbans decorated with religious symbols. It is normal for one to get a feeling that they are witnessing a real battle by the performances of the participants.

Triple Horse Riding stunt

Triple Horse Riding stunt


Later, the Sangat or the people gathered for the celebration sit together in the Gurdwaras to eat the amazing vegetarian meal termed as Langar. The Langar cooked with love and affection tastes absolutely out of the world. Believe me, it would leave you wanting to eat more and more of it.

Sangat enjoying Langar

Sangat enjoying Langar


How does the festivity conclude?

A long progression is led by the Panj Pyaras (the five beloved ones). It starts from the Holy Takht Keshgarh Sahib and passes through the important Gurdwaras like Lohgarh Sahib, Qila Anandgarh, and Mata Jitoji. Finally, it ends at the Takht concluding the amazing festivities of the Hola Mohalla festival.

People soaked in bliss

People soaked in bliss


If not every year, try visiting here at least once in your lifetime to see and appreciate the magnificent celebrations of Hola Mohalla.

Where can I buy the tickets?

You don’t need any tickets to be a part of this festival. It is absolutely free for everyone. However, you might have to make prior hotel reservation if you plan to be there for the entire duration of the celebration.Therefore, all you need to do is, prepare well in advance !!


So, hope to meet you there sometime!!

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