Explore The ‘Wazwan’ Aisle: A Reason To Visit the ‘Heaven On Earth’ In Summer!


Explore The ‘Wazwan’ Aisle: A Reason To Visit the ‘Heaven On Earth’ In Summer!

When anybody thinks of Kashmir, the quaint and curious houseboats on the Dal Lake, the flower vendors’ canoes hurling with hues and the snow-topped mountains everywhere is what that always comes to our mind!

Its rustic charms will always have a deep impact on the visitors with an unparalleled feeling of bonhomie. But if you ever visit Kashmir and return without an overdose of its unrestrained Wazwan delicacies, mark my words, your trip has not yet been worthwhile!

The beautiful Dal lake in the heart of Kashmir

Kashmiri Wazwan-

Wazwan is a multi-course meal in the Kashmiri cuisine, the preparation of this dish is actually considered as an art and a point of pride in the Kashmiri culture and identity. In earlier times, the descendants of some migrated cooks came all the way from the Samarkand Valley to the Kashmir, and they were popularly known as the Wazas. In fact, they are the actual master chefs of the Kashmir. Therefore, the ultimate formal meal in Jammu and Kashmir is the regal n royal ‘Wazwan’.

The ultimate Wazwan meals in a Traem

Since the path to one’s heart is through food, then Wazwan is a one-way road to the ultimate heaven. So treat yourself to a remarkable vacation and hit the Wazwan trail in Kashmir in this summer!

A Luxurious Wazwan Feast-

  • The whole procedure of this customary Kashmiri Muslim multi-course feast (36 to be exact!) goes like this- serving and eating the meal like a ritual, where the guests are assembled into four and presented with the food served on a huge plate called trammi or traem.

Four people having Wazwan in a Trammi

  • It is mostly served during their weddings. You just need to say the word “Wazwan” in any Kashmiri home and you would see, there is none who would not say “Aaboun they mei, bathe taraem wathiha” (means, you made my mouth watered, I wish someone could provide me a Taraem).

Wazwan meal served at weddings

  • The supper is presented in the trammi which is heaped high with rice and an assortment of dishes where each one competes with the others in their tastes.

The Trammi filled with rice and an assortment of other dishes

It would be a tough choice for you with such numerous delicacies in front of you, however, some must try dishes includes- rista, goshtaba, Tabakmaaz, aab gosht, nadruyakhni, and phirni. The feast ends with the alleviating Kahwah, the conventional Kashmiri tea bound with cardamom and almond.

Different dishes that together forms the ‘Wazwan’

You will definitely crave for more, won’t you? So, go for it, like there’s no tomorrow! Now, you would wonder where to get this exclusive meal? Check out below!

Where can you get the best Wazwan meal?

The different Wazwan meals provided in various Kashmiri Food Joints

  • Shamyana Mughal darbar food joint: You can get the whole Wazwan dish best in Shamyana Mughal darbar food joint which is situated in on the Boulevard Dal Lake in Shervani road in Srinagar. One can also get the best Kashmiri biryani from here and other such dishes with mutton, chicken can also be recommended.
  • Ahadoos: This place is one of the top choices in Kashmir’s summer capital for getting the ‘Rogan Josh’ dish in Wazwan meal, and it is situated on the banks of the Jhelum River in Jammu.
  • Kareema Restaurant: You can also get the stunning and whole Wazwan thali comprising of all the dishes at the Kareema Restaurant at a very moderate price, and it is situated on the Residency Road in Srinagar.
  • Paradise Restaurant: Located right in the center of the town in Sonmarg, the Paradise Restaurant offers some of the best Wazwan feasts in town there. They provide the whole meal comprising of the main 7 dishes. Further, you can also head towards the stalls in the main market of Sonmarg, where you can this served piping hot by the local vendor there.
  • Volga Restaurant: Also, Counting upon Pahalgam, the Volga Restaurant, which is situated in Pahalgam Road, also offers some outlandish and amazing ‘Daniwal Korma’ in Wazwan meals as well as some refreshing Kahwah to their visitors.

Lastly, nothing much, just try to get invited to a local Kashmiri wedding (or try the tricks used by Rancho, Raju, and Farhan in 3 Idiots! :p )

Mind it, you might face such situations!

Both robust and unique at the same time,

Guests having the Wazwan meals together

the Wazwan food fits the magnificence and the beauty of Kashmir like a woolen glove on lily-white hands!!


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