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5 Must Have Exclusive Kashmiri Cuisines- Go “Zaeka-e-Kashmir” All The Way!

Jammu and Kashmir, which is also known as the crown of the country, is not only mitigating to anybody’s eyes but it also does miracles to your taste bud. In fact, mouth watering cuisines of Kashmiri sustenance will leave your stomach totally full yet your tongue will always crave for more! Not only this, but it has been seen that both Kashmir and Leh Ladakh’s regions have diversified cooking styles, both classifies their own particular cuisines and once you give them a shot you’ll understand why such assortment of dishes couldn’t have fit in just one plate at once!

Image Source: CN Traveller

Image Source: CN Traveller


Along with beauty and serenity, Kashmiri food is described by its boundless exhibition of dishes cooked over a longer period of time using fascinating as well as exotic flavors and spices and it is also famous for offering authentic non-vegetarian dishes too. Counting up on the food habits, the Kashmiri cooking is basically meat-based and is actually mild in taste having rich flavors which are comprised of many hot spices like the fennel, ginger, cinnamon, saffron, cloves, cardamom etc. Being influenced by the mughals, Kashmiri food is principally non-vegetarian, with mutton, lamb, chicken or fish utilized as prime ingredients, however there are a couple of delights for vegans as well!

So, here is a mouth-watering list of 5 Kashmiri cuisines that you need to indulge into at least once in your lifetime-


Kashmiri Modur Pulav

This name ‘Modhur Pulav’ is given to the sweetened Kashmiri rice that is cooked using known Kashmiri spices like cinnamon, utilizing a little saffron, ghee, milk, sugar, cashew nuts, few almonds, also green cardamom among a few other ingredients.

Image source: Archana's Kitchen

Image source: Archana’s Kitchen


The taste of this dish is actually made sweet, along with that it is seasoned with saffron as a fundamental spice which gives it a wonderful shading and is also healthy for anybody who is having it. The unique taste of this pulav is somewhat a dish you’ve never tasted before. Simply taste it once and you will be left longing for more!


Rogan Josh

It is a must try dish for all the Lamb or meat lovers, and it is a sweet-smelling lamb dish. Rogan Josh is one of the signatures dishes of Kashmiri cuisine.

Image source: Bazaar Breads

Image source: Bazaar Breads


Strong with different kinds of flavors and sautéed onions, varied spices and yogurt, it is an exceptionally healthy low-fat dish. Have it with rice or sweet roti or naan and you will never stop craving for more!


Kashmiri Nadur Gaad

Image source: Kashmiri Nadur Gaad

Image source: Kashmiri Nadur Gaad

This dish is served on their local festivals and events. And, this Kashmir muji or gaad is a dish which is comprised of fish and is usually prepared with radish or ‘nadur’ as they call it.

This dish is actually a blend of vegetarian and non-vegetarian products as the essence of fish and lotus stem mix together to give it a distinctive taste while hot flavors, spices, and herbs add to its special yet astounding flavor as well as fragrance.

This dish is typically served in/amid celebrations like ‘Gaada Bata’ in the time of December.


Kashmiri Tabak Maaz

Tabak Maaz is the Kashmiri rendition or the version of the American and the British lamb chops.

Image source: Indian Food Freak

Image source: Indian Food Freak


Deeply fried and blended in red chili powder and salt, the main thing you have to stress over is that how it’ll be very difficult for you to resist the next piece.


Yakhni Lamb Curry

If you ever wish to taste a bona fide Kashmiri delicacy, then you should taste this Yakhni or yogurt lamb curry, which is lamb cooked in yogurt based on the flavored sauce.

Image source: NDTV Food

Image source: NDTV Food


In fact, Yakhni is seasoned with mawal blossoms, dark and green cardamoms, onion mix and dry mint leaves along with fragrant fennel seeds. Truly mouth watering, isn’t it?

Being called the ‘Paradise On Earth’ by people is certainly a genuine and true statement when you visit Kashmir. Yet, the main thing that is more glorious than the hills, slopes, mountains, as well as the valley is-Yes you thought it correct- The Food.

Image source: Planet Den

Image source: Planet Den


In fact, Kashmir happens to be wonderful not only in terms of its landscape and other aspects, but it is also heavenly when it comes to its lip smacking exclusive dishes.

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