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Health Beats

Health Beats

A morning person or a no morning person, a healthy lifestyle is a necessity for both. It earns you the amount of energy that you need in order to keep going throughout the day. Be a person working in the field, a person with a desk job or a stay at home mother, we all need the right amount of energy to work efficiently. Let’s get to know some quick and easy tips towards good health.

Good health tip 1: Workout

More often than not we snooze out the alarms we put on to start up a workout routine and think of doing it from tomorrow. But that tomorrow has to be today, it has to be now. So, get up and get going. Pick up whatever works for you. There are so many options like yoga, brisk walking, a quick jog, hitting the treadmill, cycling or swimming. Spare a minimum of twenty minutes from your busy schedule to spare your health. The aim is to have a healthy you so make NO EXCUSES.

Good health tip 2: Food & Nutrition

How about adding some nutrition to your daily food? While we pick up any of the above working out options, we need to ensure that we eat healthy too. A quick tip that works for me is to make a meal plan for yourself and or your family over the weekend. This helps you to have a smooth week ahead at least in terms of food. Never ever think of avoiding your breakfast. It is very rightly defined as the most important meal of the day. Having a simple one is not a problem but what’s important is that it should be nutritious.

These days a lot of people have become noticeably conscious about what to eat and what to avoid. There are plenty of healthy food options that are easily available in the market nowadays and if you are a lazy one, then just order it online. Don’t forget to add some nuts or dry fruits too in your meal plan, if possible. It can do wonders to your overall health. Of course, sometimes one should indulge but don’t do it too much because ultimately, it’s your body.

When we know we have had something unhealthy, have a detox diet the next day. Munch some baked snacks instead of fried ones or maybe fruits. You can even make some nice mixtures at home according to your own taste buds, trust me it doesn’t even take more than ten minutes and they are way lower in calories than the ones we crave for.

Another phenomenal tip for good health is to have an early dinner. If one cannot have an early dinner because of various unavoidable reasons; then avoid intake of carbohydrates, instead choose soups and salads for dinner. Remember to chew your food nicely than just gulping it down, this way you would enjoy your meals more.

Good health tip 3: H2O aka Water

Water is an essential part of our life. We should consume a lot of water throughout the day. If you feel, your work keeps you occupied and you tend to forget drinking water, set an alarm at regular intervals. It’s imperative for us to stay hydrated at all times. Another wonder it does to our body is helping us flush out the toxins.

Adhering to a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean you are banned from enjoying life. It just means you give due importance to what your body needs. Moreover, it means you respect your body. Try and bring slightly if not immense, changes to your lifestyle and see the results for yourself. Changes won’t be just limited to your physical but mental health too as it is important to be healthy inside out.

Stay Healthy, Stay Young!!

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