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The Camping Connection!!!

“There is no wi-fi in the forest, but I promise you will find a better connection.” We, human beings have forests as our source. Hence, we all get connected to nature quite easily. I prefer to stay outdoors during my vacations or holidays and always say a big “NO” to the hotels or expensive resorts. Hence, I choose camping which is much more than an interesting activity.

camping-1Camping Connects

Let us know why camping is the best answer to any question:

  • Positive Vibe: Camping gives a reason to connect to nature which not only gives positive vibes but also enriches life. Sleeping under the stars and getting some extra sun rays helps to feel fresh, healthy and fit.
  • Treat Yourself: While camping, you need to cook your own meal. Either your friends can join or you can self-treat. You are required to make healthy choices which further helps in gaining strength during trekking and hiking.
  • Problem Solving Mechanism: Camping can be proved to be a problem-solving In the midst of the jungle, one needs to find ways to survive either in the dark or get accustomed to the freezing cold. These problems will find a way during camping.
  • Keep you attentive: From setting the base camp to finding a water source all needs to be decided based upon the attentiveness of the traveller.

camping_at_night Night Camping

  • Away from the digital screens: Digital screens like T.V, Computers, Smart Phones all disturb the release of our hormones in the body. Detachment from the gadgets helps in the proper secretion of melatonin which leads to a happier body.
  • Social Atmosphere: Staying outdoors with friends or family will help to develop a strong bond. Camping leads to many conversations and building relations. It also acts as a team during many parts of the trip. This happens because of the away from the digital world, no google maps, no internet. All the members of the team together need to decide and come to a unique conclusion.

        Go camping. You can always make money, you can’t always make memories.  Please feel free to write your experiences.

gty_camping_kb_140711_12x5_1600Go Camping

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