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Simply South- A perfect melody of all South Indian tastes.

Simply South- A perfect melody of all South Indian tastes.

You have to taste a culture to understand it and to understand the southern part of India, there is no better place than “Simply South”. Running 3 outlets successfully in Hyderabad and winning Time Food and Nightlife Award for 3 consecutive years, Simply South is all set to tingle our taste buds in Namma Bengaluru. This place is a perfect example of authenticity and simplicity which will take you to a tour of 5 states of South India.



Chef Chaapathi Rao- The man behind Simply South.

Unlike other South Indian restaurants, Simply South does not have Chinese or North Indian cuisines added to their menu. They only serve authentic South Indian delicacies which I am sure made you remember your grandmom’s cooking- no preservatives, only fresh, healthy ingredients and tasty food. As the name suggests, the ambience is simple-the wall decors and the wooden furniture depicts the varied cultures of South India.




The Decor

In order to be more specific and help their customers, their outlandish menu card has been divided into 5 different categories on the basis of different regions of South India so that the visitors get to know the dishes well, can learn the ingredients and the dishes as well.


Happily serving their customers

The traditional chutneys and pickles on the table were meant to have along with the wafers (papads) served. It works as an appetizer. The chutney made of bottle gourd was fabulous and can be asked for if available. They have different chutney preparations every other day and one can check accordingly.


Various chutneys and pickles

One can also paired these wafers with hot, delicious, soupy “Kozhi Rasam” (Chicken soup)-the tender small pieces of chicken thrown into a spicy and tangy broth. A bowl of Kozhi Rasam can be served for 2 people because of its large portion. It is quite filling, so save some space for the rest of the upcoming savouries.


Kozhi Rasam

South India being covered by most of the coastal parts, sea food is savoured with great interest. The “Yera Varuval” (crunchy prawns) brushed with the appropriate Indian spices can be an awesome start to your meal. Don’t forget to squeeze the lemon before biting the prawn pieces.


Yera Varuval

If you love binging on chicken then ask for “Telangana Kodi Roast” (chicken). The soft, juicy pieces of chicken are a must try. The spice level depends on an individual if you want an extra pinch of spice don’t hesitate to bite the chillies served along.


Telangana Kodi Roast

The “Mokka Jonna Garelu” (sweet corn patties) and “Gobi Kempu Bezule” (Gobi Manchurian) can be vegetarians delight. The soft sweet corn patties were sweet and mildly fibrous with onions and coriander. One can enjoy these patties with the coconut chutney served to enhance the taste buds. On the other hand, the crispy fried cauliflower florets are delicious and are not tossed with any Ajinomoto or cornflower. Hence, it is healthy and can be asked for more!


Mokka Jonna Garelu


Gobi Kempu Bezule

For the main course, they have options in plenty. You ask it and they have it! There are various vegetarian and non-vegetarian curries to be paired with Rice,“Parotas”( Flat Bread made refined flour), “Appams” (Spring Hoppers) and “Ragi Sangiti” (Ragi Ball).


Ragi Sangiti



“Bendakaya Vepudu” (fried ladies finger) – The crispy fried ladies finger cooked in Telangana style tastes good with parotas. You can even bite few fried cashew nuts while chewing the ladies finger pieces.


Bendakaya Vepudu


One can pair up Rice, Parotas, Appams with “Tomato Pappu” (Daal) which resembles a thick curry of pulses. If you are want to eat like a true Indian then put some ghee on hot rice and flood with “Pappu”, it tastes heavenly.



One of my favourites, “Dum Ka Murg” (Slow cooked Chicken Curry) depicts Hyderabad. The soft, tender chicken pieces can melt in your mouth and the gravy is stellar. The dish is creamy and masterly.


Dum Ka Murg

If you love too much spicy food, then “Uragai Mamsam” can be a hit. This Telangana dish is prepared of pickled mutton. I personally loved the dish but for me, it’s a little spicy.


Uragai Mamsam

As the name suggests, the “Alleppey Fish Curry” is a mild fish curry. It is a nice amalgam of spiciness and tanginess because of the addition of sliced mangoes in it.



Alleppey Fish Curry

To compensate all the spices, Simply South have an array of sweet dishes. The “Gasgase Pyasa”(Poppy Seeds Payasam), “Goddi Haggi” (Broken wheat sweetened with Jaggery and cardamom catalyses the flavour), “Khubani ka Meetha” (Apricot dessert). Let’s have a quick look.

IMG_3246 IMG_3245 IMG_3244 IMG_3242

This fresh cool delicious drink, Buttermilk marks the end of the meal. The addition of ginger adds the flavour. Have a bite on the diced chillies to add the extravaganza!



To visit, kindly note the following information:

Address: 45 Legend, Opposite to Woodland Showroom, RMV 2nd Stage, New BEL Road, Bangalore.

Phone: 080 49652497

Opening Hours: 12 Noon to 3 PM, 7 PM to 10:30 PM

Cost: 1,000 for two people (approx.)

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