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6 simple tips on how western winter apparels and accessories can make you an eye-turner

6 simple tips on how western winter apparels and accessories can make you an eye-turner

                                 Wardrobe O Wardrobe, why do you look so old?

                                  Give me something to look sexy and cool,

                                   When the winter is here, and it is so cold.

 This quite explains the state of my mind on the advent of winter year after year.  And, I am sure many more feminine souls out there feels the same way. Like every season, fashion freaks plan to revamp their wardrobe to suit the mood of the season. And, to a certain extent, not-so fashionably inclined people also tend to re-organize their winter wardrobe according to their needs.

When it comes to women, they have to look good in every season. So, their wardrobe also needs to change with the changing seasons. Winter means cold, chills, sharp winds and sometimes, nail-biting shivers. Winter also means extra clothes, which protects and covers your body from the cold. But, that does not necessarily mean you will look dull or bulky in them.

You can definitely look sultry and gorgeous in your winter wear as well, and also make a style statement of your own. Winter clothes mainly include sweaters, pullovers, high-necks, jackets, long coats, caps, scarfs, mufflers, boots, and others. You can always choose the right winter clothes and pair them up with attractive accessories to make your cold look, hot and happening.

6 simple tips on how western winter apparels and accessories can make you an eye-turner:

Sweaters: These are an unavoidable part of winter, but the right ones can make you look as amazing as your favourite outfit.You can go for fitted sweaters to enhance your body shape, which also look good for a formal wear with trousers and even jeans. Choose tonal colours and match it with a high neck tee and skirt. You can also go for high neck sweaters, which always look trendy and smart. Cold Shoulders are in vogue these days, and they make you look trendy and sexy. You can wear it with jeans or shorts or even long skirts and palazzos. Pullovers are more preferably for a style factor, but cardigans are also quite popular. Oversized or chunky sweaters are also in fashion and they can be worn with slim trousers or jeans. You can check for these trendy options in Globus, Ginger, Forever 21, Lifestyle and other brands.


                                                    Styling with Sweaters

Coats: Long coats also make you look fab in winters. They keep you warm and knee length coats gives you an attractive look.  Woolen or slim leather coats look good with dresses and even tight fitted jeans. However, in a tropical country like India, coats like not be always required other than extreme climatic conditions like in Delhi or Northern India. Coats and oversize sweaters also go well with warm leggings. You can browse through UCB, Wills Lifestyle and similar brands for stylish coats. Even woolen pochos look good over a jeans or legging.


Jackets: Jackets are something, which comes in handy throughout the varying intensity of cold in the winters. Right from Suede jackets to zipped hoodies and leather ones, they suit everyone and every body type. Light jackets over any type of attire looks good and heavy ones can be worn only if the weather is too chilly. Even you can choose between informal or hooded ones or formal ones for office wear. I guess every brand has a good collection of jackets in different styles, colours and fabrics. Even demin jackets are suited for Indian climate. So, choose according to your requirement and preference. You can also go for half-sleeved jackets over a high neck sweater or some light, embroidered one to enhance your style.


Belts and Mufflers: Belts are an essential accessory, which can accentuate your waistline. They look good with overlapped woolen long coats or oversized sweaters, also known as chunky sweaters. Mufflers can also be a fashionable addition to trendy winter wear, if chosen and worn properly. You can choose to contrasting colours of muffler and sweater to bring out the effect.


                                                       Styling with Belts 

Shoes: Boots are what women prefer the most in winters. They are comfortable, stylish, and protects you from the cold. You can go for high boots if it suits the occasion, else mostly booties are preferred. Make sure to go for branded stuff, when you are buying boots or booties. You will know what suits you best.



Layered Look: The layered look is quite a cool, trendy and quirky one for winters. It keeps you comfortable, and makes you look attractive too, and you can wear or take off as required. For example, it can start from full or half-sleeved tee or shirt, then a light jacket and then a front open sweater and couple with a muffler or a scarf and a cap and boots. However, this generally works well in really cold and snowy climate. For Indian climate, it is more like a teenager’s fashion to look ‘cool’. So, if you want to adorn such a look, choose wisely and carry off well.

                                                       Style with layers 

Winter is the time when you look for warmth, and comfortable clothes are very important for this. So, choose the right style to fit the contour of your body and also which makes you comfortable in the chilly weather. You can also decide according to the place and the temperature you are in. Also, make sure you are stuff your closet with the new collection well in time before the winter arrives, so that you do not have to rummage through it for your office wear or party wear during the winter.

Hope you find these winter fashion tips useful, and if you like something you don’t have, it it time to hit the malls. Get ready to enjoy a fashionably fun Winters and flaunt your new range to look sexy and ravishing. Do comment below to let us know about your winter fashion hacks that makes you look attractive, even in those extra layers.

Chill, enjoy the cool weather and dress sizzling hot to make some ice melt!!!

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