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The Market, Ritz Carlton- The Thai Food Festival

   The Market, Ritz Carlton- The Thai Food Festival


                                                                            The Decor

“What would you like for dinner?” “Not Thai Food.” said no one ever. Thai Food, a robust and flavorsome of all the Asian dishes is a unique mix of sweet, sour and spicy provides a distinctive taste and aroma which differs from the rest. One of the most prestigious hotels, Ritz-Carlton, Bangalore has come up with a smorgasbord straight from Krabi, South Thailand. The event was organized at their restaurant, “The Market”. The Thai food festival showcases the best both during lunch and dinner and one can enjoy this exquisite buffet till 25th September.


                                                                            Fresh ingredients  


                                                           Pad Thai Station

The highlight of the show was Chef K Aong from Thailand. She has been showcasing her expertise in Thai cooking at the fine dine restaurant Sri Trang, at Phulay Bay. Her cooking includes traditional methods of Thai cuisine provided a modern setting. Being inspired by her mother, she enjoys Thai cooking keeping the authenticity of her dishes and have been honing her skills in the Ritz-Carlton, Beijing for last 15 years.


                                               K Aong

The access to the restaurant was by admiring the Thai décor which welcomed throwing into the world of Salads, Satays, Palm Sugar, Galangal and Pad Thai. The design element of the restaurant mesmerized me and most importantly, the reclining Buddha positioned at the middle won my heart. The live counters, open ovens, and an indulgent dessert studio made the restaurant alive with all the flavors of Thailand.


                                                                The Entrance

To freshen up, the “Som Tam” (Raw Mango Salad) was the perfect platter to amuse me. My taste buds brighten up by the sweet, tangy and spicy mix of the ingredients. One should taste the Lab Gai (minced chicken balls, fragrant with kaffir lime and mint). The chicken balls were soft and were coated with sesame and broken raw rice delivering a distinctive flavor.


                                  Raw Mango Salad and The Lab Kai


                                              Ingredients for Raw Mango Salad

A must taste the “satays”- one can choose their own meat of preference, chicken, beef, and prawns were available. The diced chicken/beef surmounted on bamboo skewers with spicy seasonings tasted heavenly.


                                          Sataya served with Peanut Butter


                                        Satays- Grab it all!

The hot soup after a hectic work schedule soothed my mind and body. The tangy and spicy flavors of galangal, chilies, and tomatoes seemed friendly to the palate. The addition of mushrooms and shrimps gave a crunchy bite.


                             The Soup- Floating prawns and Mushrooms

The fried rice or noodles can be tasted with the spread of fish, chicken, beef, tofu, pork and stir-fry vegetables. Thai cuisine won’t be complete without the presentation of “Pad Thai”. The flat noodles tossed with all the fresh ingredients, viz, garlic, ginger, palm sugar tickled the taste buds.


                                              Authentic Fried Rice


                                                           Noodles! Yummy!


                                             Pla Thod Prik Thai Dum (Fish)


                                          Keang Dang Moo (Pork)


                                             Phad Pong Karee (Vegetables)


                                             Kai Phad Priwaan (Chicken)

Even though I don’t have a sweet tooth, I enjoyed the Berry cake. It was as smooth as silk and melts in my mouth. There was a huge spread of delicious desserts however if you are a fan of banana and coconut then it’s just the right place. This food festival was closing with a Sunday brunch on 25thof this month.


 Enjoy the desserts!

Venue: The Market, Ritz -Carlton, Bangalore

Price: Lunch at INR1750 plus Taxes

Dinner at INR1850 plus Taxes


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